international expansion vectors

The CGD Group has distinguished itself in the Portuguese financial market through its impressive geographic diversification, having adopted a prudent policy of internationalisation, based on clearly defined profitability criteria.

The Group’s presence is thus particularly marked in countries or territories which maintain strong cultural or commercial ties to Portugal and those which have a high potential for economic growth.

As a result, the bank has representations, either through Branches, Representative Offices or direct equity interests in local financial institutions, in 23 countries with large Portuguese communities, significant historical or linguistic links and, equally important, in places where we must assist our customers in their foreign investment activities, wherever these translate into significant business potential.

Thus we have an active presence specifically in Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, India, East Timor, China and the United States. We have large commercial networks in Spain and France, where there is a large Portuguese community, and we also have a presence in Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and in the London financial district.

Meanwhile, we pursue a strategy of market penetration and visibility in the capital markets, especially in the euro zone, where we endeavour to provide the most important international partners and investors, issuers and financial intermediaries, an enhanced channel for their connection to the Portuguese market.

The policy of internationalisation will continue within parameters of prudence and thoroughness. Our entry into new markets will tend to be based on a philosophy of partnerships with local entities that enjoy dominant positions in their respective markets, and its overriding purpose will be the exploitation of business opportunities.


International Expansion Vectors

Mission and strategy