Caixa Investment Properties

 Caixa Properties - Investment

Invest in Caixa Properties for lease and tourist purposes.

Caixa finances your investment in Caixa properties to lease, own service or tourist exploitation.

Product Details

Access criteria

In order to apply to this mortgage solution applicant must be at least 21 year old and comply with one of these categories:

  1. Foreign non-resident from any country of the European Union (UK included)
    Duration of stay in Portuguese territory must be ≤ 183 days per year, consecutives or otherwise.
  2. Foreign non usual resident (from any country)
    Duration of stay in Portuguese territory must be > 183 days per year, consecutives or otherwise;
    Residence permit or visa for a period no long than 10 year, non-extendable;
    Not a resident in the Portuguese territory in any of the previous 5 years prior to the beginning of taxation as non usual resident;
    Proving that permanent home will be established in Portugal;
    Developing a with high added value activity.
  3. Foreign non-resident width a Gold Visa
    Valid for a period of 5 years or more;
    Duration of stay in Portuguese territory must be inferior to 7 days in the first year and to 14 days in the following years;
    Real estate investment must (i) have a value ≥ than 500,000 euros or (ii) have been constructed 30 years ago or more or be located in areas of urban revitalization, with renovation works costing ≥ 350,000 euros.


Acquisition, construction or renovation of buildings aimed for housing or commercial or industrial purposes (stores, offices, warehouse, clinics, etc.) either to let or for own service.

Acquisition or renovation of tourism apartments intended for tourism exploitation.

This mortgage solution only applies if the investment is made in one of the properties of the Caixa Imobiliário’s portfolio.


At least 5,000 euros and up to 100% of the property valuation, subject to the maximum value of 75% (80% forForeign non usual residente and Foreign non-resident width a Gold Visa) of the acquisition or home improvements.


At least 7 years and up to 25 years, to be repaid by age 75 (age of the oldest applicant). For Foreign non usual residente and Foreign non-resident width a Gold Visa, maximum term is 30 years, be repaid by age 80 (age of the oldest applicant).


Monthly, capital and Interest repayment.

Initial interest rates

Variable indexation or fixed rate, plus interest margin.

Foreign non residents(1)
Rate indexed to Euribor 12M:4.3% | 3.8%*
5 Years Fixed Rate + Variable Rate:4.8% | 4.3%*
25 Years Fixed Rate:5.3% | 4.9%*
Foreign non usual resident and Foreign non-resident width a Gold Visa(2)
Rate indexed to Euribor 12M:3.2% | 2.8%*
5 Years Fixed Rate + Variable Rate:3.7% | 3.3%*
30 Years Fixed Rate:4.3% | 3.8%*

*Reduction Pack

Reduced rate applies to clients subscribing debit and credit cards with transactions registered in the last 3 months, Caixadirecta, life and building and contents insurance with the insurance company "Fidelidade - Companhia de Seguros, SA".


Applications may be submitted at any of our branches or representative offices (further information and application forms can be downloaded via this website).

For information purposes only, it is possible to have your request evaluated beforehand by the bank by filling out completely the appropriate form.

For a simulation, use the simulator for private clients available on this website (Third party properties only. Simulations will be soon available for all options).


The law requires all property to be covered for its replacement value by an Insurance company. CGD also requires life insurance for all applicants.

Required Documents

To obtain a mortgage loan with CGD, the customer must submit to the bank all the required documents and information. Documentation has to be certified in order to be accepted.

For more detailed information on all applicable conditions, please contact us.

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