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Ensure a calm and reliable future.

Caixa Seguro Vida is a life insurance that guarantees your home mortgage settlement, in the event of death or disability of the insured persons.

Product Details

Types of life insurance(1)

PTD - Permanent Total Disability coverage
  • Death (by accident or illness);
  • Permanent Disability (by accident or illness) – in the event that the injured person cannot perform their normal career but can still perform another type of work.

APD - Absolute, Permanent Disability, life and family insurance, covering death by accident
  • Death (by accident or illness);
  • Permanent Disability (by accident or illness) – in the event that the injured person cannot work and is absolutely incapacitated.

To subscribe

If you wish to subscribe please return this form to us by e-mail or contact any of our branches or representation offices.

Depending on the amount and age of the participants, it might be necessary to do medical examinations. All necessary examinations can be made at one of the clinics specified by Fidelidade Mundial, free of charge, or at a clinic of your choice.

The insurance premium will depend upon the type of insurance, the loan amount  and the number and age of the participants.
CGD will, upon request, arrange for an introduction to its insurance specialists.

Additional information

All the information about this insurance can be found at subscription form.

(1) Life Insurance is only available in Portugal and  other selected countries, so please refer to our website for more information.

Caixa Geral de Depósitos, S.A., (“CGD”), corporation no. 500960046, registered with the Companies Registration Office in Lisbon, with a share capital of 3.844.143.735 EUR and registered Office at Avenida João XXI, nº 63, 1000-300 Lisboa, in accordance with article 32 of Decree-Law no. 144/2006, of July 31, in its capacity of insurance agente hereby inform you of the following: On January 21, 2019, CGD requested its registration with Instituto de Seguros de Portugal (*), as an Insurance Agent for Life and Non-Life Insurance, as well as the corresponding permit to operate with Fidelidade - Companhia de Seguros, S.A., being now registered under no. 207186041; – Information and further registration details about CGD as an Insurance Intermediary are available at the website of Instituto de Seguros de Portugal (; – CGD, as an insurance agent, is not authorised to collect insurance premiums for delivery to an insurance company;

(*) Portuguese Insurance Supervisory Authority.

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