Caixa Classic Credit Card

 Caixa Classic

APR 14.2%
for an assumed credit limit of crédito de € 1.500, repayable over 12 months, at an annual nominal borrowing rate of 10,10%.

Product Details

Valid worldwide

Caixa Classic credit card can be used to purchase goods and services on credit in commercial outlets worldwide on VISA networks, as well as for cash advances in Portugal (on the Multibanco network) and abroad at bank counters and cash machines bearing the Visa symbol.

On internet, use MB NET and 3D Secure features (free enrollment available on Caixadirecta), for secure purchases on domestic and foreign sites.

You can also access your current account via the Caixautomática service for operations such as cash (debit) withdrawals, payment of services, transfers or consultations.

Caixa Classic Credit Card has Contactless technology that allows you to make low value payments (up to €20) in a secure, quick and convenient way.

Annual fee

There is no charge for the 1st annual fee if the first purchase with the Caixa Classic credit card is made within 45 days from subscription.

Supplementary credit line

Possibility of access up to 100% of your credit card limit (APR 15.6%1), for splitting up payments of large amounts at a discounted interest rate.

Table on payment delays, minimum amounts and interest rates
Term of paymentMinimum purchase
6 months50€
12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months250€

After the transaction and up to the date of your Credit Card statement, you can transfer the respective amount into this credit line. You may do it at any branch of Caixa or Caixadirecta.

The amount transferred to the this additional credit line is deducted from the outstanding balance on your card, releasing the credit limit for other operations.

Automatic splitting of payment in automatic payment terminals of CGD brand

Access to a supplementary credit line that allows you, at the moment of purchase in Portuguese affiliated establishments, to split up the payment in several installments, with no interest charges.

Payment flexibility

You may choose the percentage of payment more convenient to you: 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% 75% or 100% of the outstanding, subject to a minimum of 25 euros, or the total value in debt if inferior to 25 euros, by automatic debt of the associated account.

Interest free credit period

With Caixa Classic credit card you may have up to 50 days interest free credit, counting from date of purchase or cash withdrawals until the payment date.

Use the Caixadirecta on-line service to apply for your Caixa Classic debit card.
You can also apply at any Caixa branch.

(1) APR 15.6%, for the supplementary credit line, for an assumed credit limit of € 1,500, repayable over 12 months at an annual nominal rate of 14.30%.

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