SIBS API Market provides in a single shared platform a dedicated interface to TPPs/PSPs including all PSD2 APIs (Payment Accounts Information, Availability of Funds and Payment Initiation).

You can browse on the available APIs, access functional and technical documentation and choose the APIs that best fits to your business needs.
Then register and immediately start testing it at our Sandbox environment, a portal designed for Developers that want to access the technical documentation (with code samples) and test the available APIs in a self-contained testing environment, with static data.

This solution is already available for testing.


SIBS API Market is a global and open API platform that aims to give easy access to a wide range of API for financial services.

Regarding the new paradigm of Open Banking, SIBS API Market was developed in order to connect banks with third party providers (TPP) to become connected, creating a vibrant ecosystem for the development of new services and business models, in context of the recent Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and beyond.

2. Value propositions

Trust & Security

SIBS brings into this platform the best technology in security and fraud prevention, which, combined with our experience in managing critical payment services, offers the trust and security that our clients are used to.


Scalable and resilient platform with the highest standards of availability.


A one time implementation of PSD2 which gives access to Banks that represent more than 95% of Portuguese Payment accounts.

One Standard

One platform, one Standard, One API for TPPs to use in order to reach the participating banks.

3. What are SIBS API Market Key Features?

PSD2 Compliance
Fully compliant platform with PSD2 regulation, based on the Berlin Group Self-service Subscription – Easily subscribe and immediately start using the available API products that better fit your needs.

Service Desk
Specialized Service Desk for Banks and TPPs, that ensures quick answers to your business and technical questions.

Developer Tools
Full range of tools for developers to easily implement, test and deploy their solutions in an environment with access to real end-to-end connection to Bank Data.

API Life Cycle Management
Creation, publishing, maintenance and removal of deprecated APIs.

Consent Management
Support for TPPs and/or Banks to manage the consent of end users.

Strong Customer Authentication
Support for Strong Customer Authentication methods provided by banks to their clients.

Security & Fraud Management
Fraud monitoring services; Protection of backend systems.

4. What is PSD2?

Payment Services Directive (PSD2) intends to promote innovation and a level playing field that enables new players and existing services to develop new ways of paying and accessing payment accounts.

Its main goals are to:

  • 1. Contribute to a more integrated and efficient European payments market
  • 2. Improve the level playing field for payment service providers
  • 3. Make payments safer and more secure
  • 4. Protect consumers from unsupervised and unregulated access to their accounts

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